Sunday, April 4, 2010


It's been a warm and sunny weekend.  The pollen is a deep as the snow was a couple months back.  When you walk you leave footprints.  Everything is glowing yellow.  There's nothing to do but embrace the pollen.  There's no rain in the forecast. 

I put up a screen tent a week or so ago.  We hauled a table and chairs into it.  We added a fan and it's a lovely place to be.  When the sun started shining in a bit too far, I hung my dupatta (shawl) up and found that it was good. 

Then as the day passed, we added more dupattas.  We created a most wonderful, colorful tent. And that is where
Marsha and I spent the past 2 afternoons... reading, painting, staring off into space, or watching the pretty dupattas flap in the breeze of the fan.
I'm creating a fancy goat.  Anna, a friend requested it after seeing one I had made for myself.  This fellow is ceramic and will be heavily embellished before he's done.  He will be going to her friend who is a local Doctor. 

I did a bit of painting on it while I was in the tent.  Mostly though I did 'not much'.  Here's the goat in progress....

And here he is inside getting his horns glued on.  I'll smooth the connection off with plaster then paint it in to hide any seams.

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