Friday, May 8, 2009

Fairy Princess

It's been a busy, crazy household the past week. Darrell has a vicious flu virus, not Swine - H1N1, not Avian either, according to the tests but nevertheless he's been very sick. Marsha and I have pretty much been confined to the house under Doctor's arrest to see if we're going to get it and to keep us from spreading it someplace else. Our plans are that we will NOT get sick!

I have had the opportunity to catch up on a clay project that I started a week or so back. I didn't post pictures as I wanted the lady I'm making if for to see it irst. She hasn't seen it in person yet, but she has seen a picture of it almost done.

Now, I think the little lady is done... Here we have the little fairy princess.

I used Penni Jo's ( tutorial for the oil pencil drawing for the face.

This just in!!!! Her video tutorial is online. You can see it at

Here's the little princess in progress with a black and white line drawing that I used as a guide for drawing on the clay.

I combined the Penni Jo style portrait with Christi Friesen style feathers.

You can see her 'stuff' at It's worth the click just to get the free downloads.

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