Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Much

Quarantine is over. Whatever it was that Darrell caught had pretty much run it's course by Sunday evening. I went back to work Monday and am back into the busy-ness of the world. During the quarantine, I discovered how often I go shopping because I need something to do instead of because I need something.

Since I wasn't supposed to go out, I found other things to do... projects that have been sitting around waiting for me to get a round tu-it got started. I pulled out the yarn I dyed and started knitting. I got diagrams drawn for the elfkins to use when I teach the ladies how to make them next week. Sometimes I puttered and putzed and didn't get a whole lot done.

I learned that rummaging in the freezer and the pantry can turn up all kinds of interesting food combinations. I rediscovered the fun of sitting in the window with a cat and watching the weather go by. I now know there's a very young chipmunk that's taken up residence in the front yard. It likes to sit in a patch of sunshine.

The craft room is no longer full of beds. I got the trundle pushed back under the daybed this morning. The spiny dog bones are put away. The cookies are stashed out of doggie reach. The floor's been vacuumed, all in all, it's kind of boring looking.

I took the fairy princess pin to the grandma. She was thrilled. She sat and looked at it for quite a long time. She says it looks just like her grand daughter. Now I must figure out my next project direction for after I have the (clay) baby making class. I've had a request for an inro to donate to a fundraising auction at the Museum of Aviation www.museumofaviation.org so that will probably be next on the agenda.

I'm going to make it bigger than the previous one so I'm not sure it will be by definition an inro but I'll use the technique that I learned at the Orlando Fandango. I'm going to make a very small purse with a shoulder chain on it. I've already found the perfect chain at Hobby Lobby. I think I'm going to decorate it in the Christi Friesen style. Since it's going to be 'large' I'm going to experiment with layers of clay with a wire mesh encased inside to make sure it's durable. I'm thinking on it.

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Dlsarmywife said...

Glad to hear you are out of quarantine...but it almsot sounds as though it was restful too. Looking forward to the new pieces you are envisioning.