Thursday, April 16, 2009

HIgh Hopes!

Yesterday's wanderings took us to the Lowe's Nursery department. The yard is a considerable challenge because it is so shady. There is an area at the front door of the house that does get a bit of sunshine.

It had been a mess. It's where all the mistreated variegated ribbon grass used to be. The ribbon grass was relocated to bordering the labyrinth in the backyard. Moving it opened up a lovely garden area at the front door. Something had to be done with it before I had a hissy fit. I hiss a lot, sometimes for reason, sometimes for no reason.

Marsha and I traipsed out to find 'filler'. Now of course it had to be inexpensive (read cheap) stuff since it's annuals and it had to be colorful. We ended up with begonias, impatiens, portulaca and marigolds. All tried and true in this area.

Everything was bloomin' in the Nursery and it took quite a bit of time to find just the right pots, this one... no, this one... maybe this one? It also took quite a bit of time looking at all the stuff that wasn't right. Wasn't right meant it required lots of water or a little bit of attention. Put it down. No, step away from that one too, NO way, that thing needs swampland water levels to grow.

I did weaken and buy a water plant to put in the backyard 'pond' to keep the fat goldfish company. I've wanted a lily since I put the pond in. The water lily requires full sunlight, which it won't get, but it does have a bird's nest a few feet above it, so maybe that will work too. The baby birds in it sound quite sunny in disposition. If it really won't grow there, I'll put it in a pot of water and find it a sunny spot, maybe on the roof. But I digress.

Marsha really coveted a bunch of tomato plants, I jokingly suggested she could put pots on the roof to as it's the sunniest spot in the yard. She took me seriously. We may be sprouting tomatoes on the roof soon.

Darrell, called to reel us in from the store around 6:30. Supper was ready. We headed home with our 'stuff'. After turkey bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches we headed outside to get everything planted. Getting everything planted the day it's bought is a record in our house. Generally, we put everything to the challenge of surviving in a too small pot with absolutely no water for two weeks. If it lives, it gets planted. We're giving stuff a fighting chance this year.

So, here we have a picture of the front garden.... everything's planted far apart with high hopes! If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can almost see the tiny plants! Marsha tells me that the rosebush from Pasaquan is out there too, I have yet to find it. Oh well...

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