Sunday, April 12, 2009

Today's Fairy Fun

Yes, I'm obsessed. I've got to 'get it right'. Here's the first fairy for today. I'm finally over the frustration and am finding a degree of satisfaction in the finished fairy. I'll let this one keep her wings.

This little one is made of Premo. I switched back as I simply wasn't satisfied with the Super Sculpey. It darkened too much in the oven. I did find that now that I'm more confident in what I'm doing that I'm working the clay less and the Premo was more cooperative as it didn't have time to melt in my fingers.

Oh! I just pulled the next fairy out of the oven. Penni Jo suggested I make a mix of 10 parts Super Sculpey and 1 part Premo or Kato white. I did. I like the effect. No more little white moons in the clay and no more darkening in the oven. I'll have to figure out a way to add a touch of color as I don't have Genesis paints yet. Perhaps pastel chalks will work with it also. Pictures soon!

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