Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pasaquan Picnic

Yesterday was a beautiful, spectacular, warm and sunny day. Darrell packed a picnic lunch for us. We loaded our chairs and ourselves into the car and took out about 10:30.
When we got there we tumbled out of the car, ready to greet our old friend. First into the main house to check in with Penny and John. We met some board members, I tried to sell a few books and then we made a mad dash around, just to make sure the 'haunts' were doing well. We did noticed a bit of deterioration, but we'll all getting older.

We went to the car and retrieved our lunch and headed out to the big pecan tree for lunch. Turkey salad, corn chips, a fantastic 5 grain bread and marshmallow pinwheel cookies for desert. Penny came out and took out picture, wishing more people would make similar use of the wonderful 'tuck in' places that abound at Pasaquan.

After lunch, we soaked in the sunshine and the spirit of St. EOM. All was good.

Bumblebees abounded and we watched them for a long time, wondering aloud about their strange arrangements of flying. Many were flying in groups of three. They'd fall to the ground, then two would fly away leaving the third one to recover awhile before it too flew away. Does it take three bumble bees to mate?! I googled but didn't find out much about the threesomes!

Marsha and I sat and crocheted and knitted respectively while Darrell read. I felt like I was adding a few rows in memory of St. Eom to my sweater. I will think of Pasaquan whenever I wear that sweater now.

When I got tired of knitting, I wandered in to chat with Penny. She told me about her Mother.... 93 years old, still living alone in Atlanta. She said that she is really enjoying her time with her Mother and that when she dies, there will be no regrets... no should haves, no if only's. It's a lovely 'place' to be. I was able to enjoy the same kind of relationship with my Mother.

Before we left, Marsha, Penny and I wandered the ground of Pasaquan. Penny allowed us to take cutting from a pear-apple tree to see if we could root them. It produces the most wonderful fruit. Then I found a small rosebush that had rooted away from the mother bush. She found me a shovel and encouraged me to dig it up. Then she encouraged me to dig up a Canna Lilly from Eddie's garden. Darrell helped with that as it was in a very rocky area.

I left feeling very rich indeed!

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